At MXO Media we’re not just users, but creators of technology. Our custom solutions allow for innovative approaches in the fields of marketing and sales. Seeing your customers amazed by our creation is what drives us. Obviously, any project profits from our know-how and technology stack.


When engineering meets art and creativity, truly awesome things can happen. As most of our team are graduate engineers as well as artists, the love for both worlds is united in all of our products. We take your project ideas and are sure to always deliver the most innovative, leading-edge approach to them. We believe that advertising is only groundbreaking if it gives you a truly unforgettable experience.


Virtual Reality (CGI)

MXO has been one of the first Kickstarter backers for the „Oculus Rift“ virtual reality goggles. We’ve been developing virtual reality solutions ever since we received them. The source for VR can be a physical, real-world event or a computer generated image. Using our own VR engine workflow we create immersive, interactive content that is giving any user an absolutely unforgettable experience.


Virtual Reality (360° Film)

With our specialized 360° 3D VR camera system that consists out of a 14-camera array we capture the real world, anything from unique events to industrial engineering challenges. Using our own, proprietary stitching algorithm we manage to combine the 14 individual images into one highly immersive environment. Using a VR headset the user can look around freely and the captured scene can be re-lived independent from space and time.


3D Design & Animation

Our technical directors use the most advanced 3D tools to deliver high-end animation and visualization for your projects. Our experience ranges from technical applications to photorealistic animation for advertising and film. We use real-time rendering technologies to give the user the possibility to engage with the content he sees, interacting instead of just passively receiving.


Film Production

Founded in 2006, MXO Film productions has a wealth of happy customers. From viral to national advertising campaign – we provide the team that suits your needs. Additionally to the core team of MXO Media we have access to a broad network of freelancers that we know and trust. This way we can easily scale up in high-demand situations.


Web development & Apps

MXO Media is specialized in creating web-based apps and experiences. This way one app can be deployed to all app stores and used on any device with minimal development effort. Features such as augmented or virtual reality support are our strengths. When it comes to web design our art director puts an emphasis on a modern, responsive, mobile-first approach.


How do you sell “physical” products online nowadays? Using photos? Videos perhaps? There is still no way to make products truly tangible, as if you were standing in front of them in reality. This central challenge is solved by ClubVR.


Our Studio Design for VR in the Fitness Industry

You can imagine clubVR like a modern video game. It allows its users to enter a virtual showroom and interact with the products in a 3-dimensional world. Meetings between customer and sales team can even be done inside of this world. Instead of just talking about products on the phone, they can be picked up and looked at together. Even architectural planning, up to the export of floor plans is possible. One thing that distinguishes clubVR from all other planning and sales products: It runs on any device, even on old PCs in glorious, photorealistic VR. We pre-render all content on our servers and then stream it to whoever needs to access it in real time. Usage cases could be kitchen planning, interior design, industrial design – basically anything that involves physically big items that are hard to move in the “real” world.


Re-Live Reality. Anywhere

While ClubVR is all about creating a computer generated copy of the real world, filmVR is all about capturing real events and locations. You can imagine the technology just like panorama photography, but with high-resolution video. Using our custom camera technology the space around the VR camera is captured in 360x360 degrees by 14 individual cameras in a resolution of up to 60.000 pixels vertically! The resulting individual videos are then stitched together by our own, proprietary algorithms and workflows. The goal is to have as few stitching artefacts (such as overlapping borders) as possible. If the output video is then viewed using a VR headset, the user has the feeling of actually standing in the place that had been captured. This way unique events can be re-lived completely independent from time and space. Other applications can be industrial maintenance or process control in places a human could normally not go – giving the technician the possibility to look around as if he stood there in person.


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